Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jeff Tells the Truth About Green Energy: Are You Listening Governor?

To the Editor: A recent article be Stephen Moore, "Europe's Green Collapse", in National Review should have considerable interest for all of us here in the Southern Tier. In the 80's and 90's the European Powers bought into the green-energy extremism we hear so much about today. Many of them supported the Kyoto guidelines. The EU promised that by 2030 it would reduce carbon emissions by 30 to 40% below 1990 levels. Even though the U.S. Senate defeated the Kyoto Treaty 95 to 0 (now that's bipartisanship!), the green energy crazies have maintained strong (disproportionate) influence in national and, more important our state energy policies. In January the EU announced it was dropping their renewable energy standards. The EU leaders, all of them solid " greens" in the past, have recognized they cannot survive economically with the extreme policies associated with "green energy". Germany, the leading economic power in Europe, saw its economics minister say recently that reliance on green energy could lead to a "dramatic deindustrialization" of Germany. With the cost of electric power in EU nations up to 100% higher than in the U.S., the minister said: " We have reached the limit of what we can ask of our economy." European companies (like Volkswagen) have begun moving plants to the U.S. because of the lower energy costs. The Europeans know the development that has made low energy costs possible in the U.S. is horizontal hydraulic fracturing - Fracking!(Fracking is the friendly mouse that the environmentalists have turned into the would be evil dragon.) This kind of talk can send environmentalists screaming into the night. This is the kind of "truth" that Josh Fox finds "irrelevant". Al Gore would find it "inconvenient". More objective thinkers should find it "interesting". I can't even imagine what our sharp governor is thinking as a result of this development. Would anyone care to guess how many European industries will be looking to move to New York? Our governor says " New York is open for business" - it's too bad businessmen know better! Besides the economic advantages we have seen as a result of Fracking, we have already seen a huge reduction in carbon emissions - and we have just begun the process of switching our coal plants to natural gas. The long range environmental benefits of using cheap natural gas in place of coal and oil will in fact be huge; far more positive than the wildest dreams of the "Kyoto- believers." And all of this will be market driven, not regulation driven. Like it or not, we are living in the beginning of an energy revolution. We all can agree, to some degree, that it would be "nice" if we could replace fossil fuels with green energy. However, some of us have already realized, for a multitude of reasons, that that just is not going to happen. Green energy is only remotely viable with huge taxpayer funded subsidies, and even then far too many have been dismal failures. Europe has now officially learned this lesson. The question is, will we learn from Europe? Jeff Heller

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