Monday, October 14, 2013

Cuomo: Yes to Gambling, no to Drilling- Excellent Op-Ed in The Leader

Gov. Cuomo has shown us once again that he can act quickly when he wants to. And when it suits his personal political priorities. Gun control? Cuomo rushed new laws through in record time. Now he is doing the same thing to allow new casinos and more gambling in NY. This time it even requires a change to the state constitution. A problem? Not for him. He and his cronies even reworded the language for the Nov 5 referendum after the fact and to make the whole shmeal sound more positive than it really will be. He also apparently has no trouble boasting that these casinos will bring new jobs and jump start the economy in upstate NY. Really? Of course he sees no harm in accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the gambling folks who want to build the casinos. NY state legislators have received over a million dollars in campaign contributions from the gambling industry. Is this the real reason behind his no-holds-barred support of more gambling in NY? It is clear that Gov. Cuomo can act quickly when he really wants to. And when he doesn’t want to, things come to a screeching halt. The best example of this is his lack of support for natural gas drilling in NY. No permits have been issued in NY to companies who want to drill for natural gas using hydraulic fracturing for longer than he has been in offi ce. Five years and counting. This moratorium in word only is now actually becoming a de facto ban. All he has to do is keep doing nothing. That way he doesn’t have to decide. He will keep the natural gas industry out of NY by not saying no and not saying yes. Just keep studying. You might say Cuomo is one smart cookie of a governor. He knows how to rig the system to get what he wants, that’s for sure. Whether what he wants is what we western New Yorkers want is a whole other question. Did you hear about the country counties in Colorado who want to secede from the state? Sounds like an idea whose time has come in western NY. Oh, and by the way, I’m a Democrat. Perhaps it’s time for those of us who are liberal in nature, but have more than a lick of common sense, to stand up for what we really believe in, regardless of party affi liation. Democrats Opposing Governor Cuomo (DOG Cuomo) anyone? Charles Franklin Woodhull READER VIEW | CHARLES FRANKLIN

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