Sunday, June 30, 2013

SCLOC Political Action Committee Minutes.SCLOC Thanks Linda Knowles for all she does.

Monday, June 24, 2013 SCLOC Political Action Committee Minutes. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Jeff Heller at the Thurston Town Hall. Present: Jeff and Kathy Heller, Kenny and LaVera Knowles, David and Karen Ballard, Dana Knowles, Gordon Foster, Leo and Linda Knowles, Mary Hickey, Peter Olausson, Jim and Fran Rising, John Starzec, and Mariann Millan, guest. Jeff talked that it has been a long time since last meetings. (February 11, 2013 Movie night and September 23, 2012 regular meeting) Gov. Cuomo just keeps stalling….No real news to meet on yet…. The Hellers and Ballards are looking at another summer picnic like we had in 2011 :-) They are working on a date in September and will send an e-mail out when all is set. Signs: There are some left if anyone needs any. Please try to get out as many as possible. The more people see, the more positive thoughts in general on drilling. Contact Dana if you need any. Jeff talked about our situation in general. He handed out an outline and read his synopsis on that. (see attached) The news on energy is mostly positive. He feels support will grow with positive media. We are hoping for a win but don’t expect before 3-5 years. Due to market price of gas, if the moratoriums were lifted and the Governor ok’d drilling, the drillers would not come right away. The JLC lawsuit is in process. Sufficient funds were received to proceed, with a large portion of that coming from Steuben County. They continue to ask for funds as more is needed before litigation begins. Mary said JLC will be issuing a press release soon. Jeff talked on the future of SCLOC. We are continuing as a PAC. In May 2008 the concept was to help landowners. That evolved and is falling back to helping landowners with leasing. We need to do some work at the next town elections. Peter will get a listing of potential candidates. It’s not a Republican/Democrat thing but getting the right votes in the interest of the landowners vs. environmentalists. The movie, Frack Nation, is very effective. As soon as it is available we would like to have showings to the public. Mary said it should be out soon. Jeff said it is 1 hour 20 minutes long so we would need to get to bigger town halls, Rod & Gun clubs, and other public places. It is too long for local town meetings. Next meeting will be held when we have something serious to discuss. Jeff assured, the Coalition is alive and well and we are working on things. Kenny made some general comments. Ed Busick is still active. BTO is ready to move in a moment. Jeff will write a general positive update to SCLOC members and Mary will e-mail that out. This meeting ended at 8:15 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Linda J. Knowles Secretary

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