Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Excellent Letter by Jeff Heller in The Leader.

To the Editor: Is it possible Abe Lincoln foresaw the ridiculous political situation in New York ? Could he have anticipated that 5% of the land mass of the state would have total control over the other 95% ? Could he have anticipated that demographically, under "one man, one vote", it would be impossible for that situation to improve for the minority ? Could he have foreseen that Ithaca, (even more than New York City !) , would consistently vote to the left of Moscow ? Could he have foreseen that a liberal/environmentalist coalition would take away the mineral rights of all the landowners in the state ? Even recognizing that Lincoln was one of our sharpest presidents (not bad for a second or third grade education !), he could not have been that sharp - could he ? " If, by the mere force of numbers, a majority should deprive a minority of any clearly written constitutional right, it might, in a moral point of view, justify revolution - certainly would, if such right were a vital one." - Lincoln's 1st inaugural address. I have not really researched the gory details of this speech. However, he could not have been referring to the right of secession from the Union - he was already committed to fighting a war to invalidate that right. I would assume he was more likely thinking about West Virginia. West Virginians were in the process of separating (seceding ?) from Virginia - that is state from state. Virginia (substitute liberal New York City) did not represent the interests of the people of western Virginia (substitute "upstate" New York). We should also be watching what's going on in Colorado - a fairly serious movement to create a northern state - separate from that part of the state that no longer represents the interests of the north. (Sound vaguely familiar ?) This in spite of the fact that Colorado is in excellent economic/fiscal shape, compared to New York. Even the political divide is not as severe as here. Ok, it's a little early to think about names for our new state - but what the heck! North &West New York - too verbal? Upstate New York - most accurate, but doesn't ring right. Second New York - nice play on the different philosophies on the Second Amendment, but really doesn't sound right. New Amsterdam - too historical, and it's been used before. Right New York - most descriptive, for political philosophy, economics, fiscal policies, common sense, etc. All kidding aside: some of us are very, very bitter about what the "down state" majority are doing to us. We have basically three choices - flight, statehood change, or acceptance. To those of us who have lost our mineral rights, and those of us who have lost our Second Amendment rights, our choices are getting more and more limited. For now, flight is the most realistic. Jeff Heller

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