Friday, May 10, 2013

SCLOC Thanks James Lundgren For His Excellent Letter to The Leader

The Editor The Leader Pulteney Street Corning, NY 14830 Re: Ms. Elizabeth Whitehouse's letter of March 25, 2013 Have been awaiting your return from Botswana and my "eyes" have informed me of your return. For an "environmentalist of your stature we can rest assured that you did not fly or drive on your trip to and from Botswana. You would certainly not hurry our "path of destruction" by using all those petroleum products...made excellent time in a jon boat with a couple of oars. Congrats! Ms. Whitehouse's problems with "truth" and "facts" is totally understandable as most anti's spend their time wandering around in the darkness "looking" for the truth! Ms. Whitehouse's statements about Mr. Neil Vitale's organic farm states "that with the first Schlumberger trucks to cross his property his certification as an organic farmer would come to an end". You have made a statement, now prove it. Tioga and Bradford counties in PA are near the top of the list when it comes to drilled gas wells and permits issued. That should give you plenty of space to prove your statements. You do not lose your certification because trucks drive across your fields. I need names, addresses, and phone numbers of those who have lost certification. Have fun! Your statements about milk production rates needs a little investigation also. Let's get the "truth" not "strongly suggest" as you stated. Your statements of sympathy for folks needing more money to keep their farms and properties is, in my opinion, nothing but disgusting. If you are so sympathetic, instead of buying a new jon boat for a trip to England, help them out with a substantial stack of $100.00 bills or a conservative pile of $1,000 bills. Or we can frack and make more money. Might even be enough for a new set of oars for the trip to England! Ha ha! Your statements about Jeff Heller are likewise out of line. 2030=fossil free? Very doubtful. If my memory serves me correctly hundreds, if not thousands of windmills, will have to be placed around Long Island and the New York City and northern New Jersey area. Some of these windmills are slated for off shore placement. 2030? Maybe 2070 would be more realistic time frame! Your statements about Mr. Heller are a good bit about money. You anti's have such a problem with people getting gas from their property. How do you make your bucks? From local industry, education, utilities, autos, waitressing, the list is as long as a jon boat trip to Botswana. But when it comes to the gas and petroleum industry and making money by working for them it is evil, evil, evil! Bologna! Ms. Whitehouse...Mr. Vitale and Mr. Heller are so far ahead of you on the issue of hydrofracking that you could not see them if you had the Hubble Telescope! Your statement about suffering in jail because you block a private road is just this one word...stupid! Don't start your martyrdom garbage. Stay out of the road and use your common sense for something other than a space filler. Your statement about Al Gore and his cronies are laughable. Talk about money. Al Gore is as phony as a 7 dollar bill! Why don't you get out his bank records and we will see how much he gets for spreading his B.D. After all, aren't all the anti's supposed to take a vow of poverty? Oh, sorry, that's only for farmers and landowners! Here's a real joke. You, Ms. Whitehouse stated "we stand to lose many of the reasons we live in the Southern Tier-readily available clean water, beauty, tranquility, agriculture, tourism, a great way of life." Well, well...I will make you an offer--a one day trip through Tioga and Bradford counties in PA with all meals provided at no cost. Will pay for gas and soda. (over 16 oz of course) A fun day in northern PA. And, of course, all the clean water, beauty, tranquility, agriculture, etc. etc. Call 523-8981 and we will set up a date for the trip of a lifetime. I have offered this travel package through my many letters, but no one has taken me up on it. Bring your gas detectors. You anti's have stated that the gas drilling(hydrofracking) would devastate PA...What beautiful devastation! Finally, quote from the pages of New York magazine, April 14, 2013. The Governor asked "what if a child falls into a well casing? I don't want the liability, frankly, and I don't have the knowledge." The Governor of New York State is finally telling something truthful...he DOES NOT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE. James Lundgren

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