Thursday, May 16, 2013

Interesting Letter to The Leader from Jeff Heller

To the Editor: Anyone who knows me will know that it is very hard for me to agree with Ms Dupree and Mr Ek. I honestly believe that their "presentation" 0n gas drilling in the Leader has played a part in our area losing millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. HOWEVER, I feel duty-bound, in view of my past criticism, to note my support when I see an area of agreement - no matter how fleeting those moments may be ! My wife and I owned a fishing tackle specialty shop outside of Allentown, PA. for 28 years before we decided to come up here to retire - much against the advice of my accountant. We had two especially "interesting" neighbors. On the lot to our east we had an adult book store - never a real problem except to my wife whenever there were more cars in front of the "book" store than in our lot. Across the street ( four-laned old rt. 22) was a large truck stop. In view of that experience I have to admit that I "generally" agree your antipathy towards the proposed truck stop in Lindley.No one should really support a truck stop in the middle of a "residential area". This is exactly why many areas need some sort of zoning laws. However zoning laws are a two-edged sword. When over-done they are a problem for some citizens - as much as they are a help to others. If you slam the door in the face of business and industry you will probably do more harm to your area than good. You need to protect your "residential" citizens , but part of that protection would include job and tax revenue development. Zoning laws are in many ways a necessity, but in too many cases they may become, sooner or later, an absolute curse. Some of your criticisms of a truck stop are absolutely valid. Truck traffic is truck traffic no matter how you dress it up. We constantly heard references to the "lot lizards"( prostitutes) across the street. In 28 years I don't think we ever saw them. There were occasional stories about "busts" in the local paper, but I always assumed they referred to actions by the state police as opposed to human anatomy features. Road damage was not a problem because we were on a state road. State roads are designed to stand up to truck traffic. Local roads are a different matter, but if you consider the new tax revenue they would bring in I don't think that would be a problem in the long run. Look at PA's local roads in the gas drilling areas to see how more truck traffic can lead to much better roads. There is much more "profit" ( tax revenue) in the sales of gas or diesel than there is for those nasty old gas companies. Finally I have to comment on the concern for the children. How often have we heard the "antis" talk about how the trucks are just going to mow down our children!! Evidently CDL does not stand for "Commercial Driver's License". To hear some people talk it must stand for "Child Destroying License". Having worked with guys who were building Mack Trucks , for 28 years in our business I can assure your readers that it is not true, as implied by some "antis", that Mack Trucks installs a sighting system on their hoods for mowing down civilians. MOST truck drivers are professional drivers. No matter how much "character" they may display in some cases, they make their living driving Truck. Now, SOME car drivers on the other hand... I will have to say however that your concern for children is much more valid than our Governor's concern for our children falling into gas wells. Jeff Heller

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