Sunday, May 19, 2013

Governor Cuomo Please Read This Article! SCLOC thanks Lisa R. for all she does for the Coalition

Economic insanity: Obama spends $11 million to create each 'green' job Saturday, May 18, 2013 by: J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) There has been nothing you could call "successful" about President Obama's so-called "green energy" initiatives, but the worst thing of all is the billions in taxpayer dollars he has utterly wasted on failed companies who were trying to push unproven, and ultimately failed, initiatives. Indeed, according to new data, the Obama Administration has spent an incredible $11 million for each "green" job that has been created, Breitbart News reports. Recall for a moment that candidate Barack Obama, in 2008, promised he would create a whopping 5 million new green energy sector jobs if elected. "Drilling (for new oil supplies) is not a long-term solution to our problem, not even close," Obama said in Denver. "And that is why I will invest (i.e. spend) $150 billion over the next decade, working in partnership with states and local governments and the private sector...we are going to invest in affordable, renewable sources of energy. Wind power, and solar power, and the next generation of investment that will lead to new industries and 5 million new jobs that pay well and cannot be outsourced." Well, that was then. Today, more than four years later, Obama's "vision" has been an abject, expensive failure. Billions tossed in the wind - and solar A study by the Institute for Energy Research found that the Department of Energy, under Obama's tenure, has spent in excess of $26 billion since 2009, creating just 2,298 permanent positions - at a cost of more than $11.45 million per job (see the data chart here). Here are some of the highlights - or lowlights, depending on how you want to look at it: -- The bulk of the projects for which DOE funded with your money were for solar energy, a still-unproven and expensive energy source in which science has yet to make much additional progress; -- Just one project that made the data list dealt with nuclear power generation, but it cost taxpayers more than $8 billion; -- More than $1.5 billion was spent on "wind generation," though there isn't much improvement to be made to a technology that still depends on, well, the wind to blow. In all, especially at a time of dire budget constraints and gross overspending, the money spent was not spent well. "The losers are the American workers who would otherwise be gainfully employed but for the tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars on the administration's obsession with 'green energy,'" IER Policy Associate Alex Fitzsimmons said. "As the economy continues to suffer and dollars for federal programs get harder to come by, it is getting increasingly difficult to defend a program that costs so much and produces so little." Also, notes Breitbart's Winton Hall: "In his New York Times bestselling book, Throw Them All Out, Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer revealed that 80 percent of Department of Energy loans went to companies owned by or connected to President Barack Obama's top campaign fundraisers." It's a lose-lose situation What's more, several companies that received taxpayer-funded loans went bankrupt. According to an analysis by The Daily Caller, more than 50 green energy firms have gone belly-up since Obama took office: The blog Green Corruption's "Obama green-energy failure" list contains 23 bankrupt and 27 troubled green energy companies which were backed by the federal government. ... According to the Heritage Foundation, $80 billion was set aside in the 2009 stimulus package for clean energy loans, grants, and tax credits, and 10 percent of these funds have gone to companies that have filed for bankruptcy or are in dire straits. As evidenced by his administration's anti-oil policies, Obama is obviously comfortable with making you pay higher prices for gasoline while he wastes your tax dollars on industries with unproven technologies that aren't doing a thing to lower your energy costs - a lose-lose for most Americans. Sources for this article include:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Interesting Letter to The Leader from Jeff Heller

To the Editor: Anyone who knows me will know that it is very hard for me to agree with Ms Dupree and Mr Ek. I honestly believe that their "presentation" 0n gas drilling in the Leader has played a part in our area losing millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. HOWEVER, I feel duty-bound, in view of my past criticism, to note my support when I see an area of agreement - no matter how fleeting those moments may be ! My wife and I owned a fishing tackle specialty shop outside of Allentown, PA. for 28 years before we decided to come up here to retire - much against the advice of my accountant. We had two especially "interesting" neighbors. On the lot to our east we had an adult book store - never a real problem except to my wife whenever there were more cars in front of the "book" store than in our lot. Across the street ( four-laned old rt. 22) was a large truck stop. In view of that experience I have to admit that I "generally" agree your antipathy towards the proposed truck stop in Lindley.No one should really support a truck stop in the middle of a "residential area". This is exactly why many areas need some sort of zoning laws. However zoning laws are a two-edged sword. When over-done they are a problem for some citizens - as much as they are a help to others. If you slam the door in the face of business and industry you will probably do more harm to your area than good. You need to protect your "residential" citizens , but part of that protection would include job and tax revenue development. Zoning laws are in many ways a necessity, but in too many cases they may become, sooner or later, an absolute curse. Some of your criticisms of a truck stop are absolutely valid. Truck traffic is truck traffic no matter how you dress it up. We constantly heard references to the "lot lizards"( prostitutes) across the street. In 28 years I don't think we ever saw them. There were occasional stories about "busts" in the local paper, but I always assumed they referred to actions by the state police as opposed to human anatomy features. Road damage was not a problem because we were on a state road. State roads are designed to stand up to truck traffic. Local roads are a different matter, but if you consider the new tax revenue they would bring in I don't think that would be a problem in the long run. Look at PA's local roads in the gas drilling areas to see how more truck traffic can lead to much better roads. There is much more "profit" ( tax revenue) in the sales of gas or diesel than there is for those nasty old gas companies. Finally I have to comment on the concern for the children. How often have we heard the "antis" talk about how the trucks are just going to mow down our children!! Evidently CDL does not stand for "Commercial Driver's License". To hear some people talk it must stand for "Child Destroying License". Having worked with guys who were building Mack Trucks , for 28 years in our business I can assure your readers that it is not true, as implied by some "antis", that Mack Trucks installs a sighting system on their hoods for mowing down civilians. MOST truck drivers are professional drivers. No matter how much "character" they may display in some cases, they make their living driving Truck. Now, SOME car drivers on the other hand... I will have to say however that your concern for children is much more valid than our Governor's concern for our children falling into gas wells. Jeff Heller

Friday, May 10, 2013

SCLOC Thanks James Lundgren For His Excellent Letter to The Leader

The Editor The Leader Pulteney Street Corning, NY 14830 Re: Ms. Elizabeth Whitehouse's letter of March 25, 2013 Have been awaiting your return from Botswana and my "eyes" have informed me of your return. For an "environmentalist of your stature we can rest assured that you did not fly or drive on your trip to and from Botswana. You would certainly not hurry our "path of destruction" by using all those petroleum products...made excellent time in a jon boat with a couple of oars. Congrats! Ms. Whitehouse's problems with "truth" and "facts" is totally understandable as most anti's spend their time wandering around in the darkness "looking" for the truth! Ms. Whitehouse's statements about Mr. Neil Vitale's organic farm states "that with the first Schlumberger trucks to cross his property his certification as an organic farmer would come to an end". You have made a statement, now prove it. Tioga and Bradford counties in PA are near the top of the list when it comes to drilled gas wells and permits issued. That should give you plenty of space to prove your statements. You do not lose your certification because trucks drive across your fields. I need names, addresses, and phone numbers of those who have lost certification. Have fun! Your statements about milk production rates needs a little investigation also. Let's get the "truth" not "strongly suggest" as you stated. Your statements of sympathy for folks needing more money to keep their farms and properties is, in my opinion, nothing but disgusting. If you are so sympathetic, instead of buying a new jon boat for a trip to England, help them out with a substantial stack of $100.00 bills or a conservative pile of $1,000 bills. Or we can frack and make more money. Might even be enough for a new set of oars for the trip to England! Ha ha! Your statements about Jeff Heller are likewise out of line. 2030=fossil free? Very doubtful. If my memory serves me correctly hundreds, if not thousands of windmills, will have to be placed around Long Island and the New York City and northern New Jersey area. Some of these windmills are slated for off shore placement. 2030? Maybe 2070 would be more realistic time frame! Your statements about Mr. Heller are a good bit about money. You anti's have such a problem with people getting gas from their property. How do you make your bucks? From local industry, education, utilities, autos, waitressing, the list is as long as a jon boat trip to Botswana. But when it comes to the gas and petroleum industry and making money by working for them it is evil, evil, evil! Bologna! Ms. Whitehouse...Mr. Vitale and Mr. Heller are so far ahead of you on the issue of hydrofracking that you could not see them if you had the Hubble Telescope! Your statement about suffering in jail because you block a private road is just this one word...stupid! Don't start your martyrdom garbage. Stay out of the road and use your common sense for something other than a space filler. Your statement about Al Gore and his cronies are laughable. Talk about money. Al Gore is as phony as a 7 dollar bill! Why don't you get out his bank records and we will see how much he gets for spreading his B.D. After all, aren't all the anti's supposed to take a vow of poverty? Oh, sorry, that's only for farmers and landowners! Here's a real joke. You, Ms. Whitehouse stated "we stand to lose many of the reasons we live in the Southern Tier-readily available clean water, beauty, tranquility, agriculture, tourism, a great way of life." Well, well...I will make you an offer--a one day trip through Tioga and Bradford counties in PA with all meals provided at no cost. Will pay for gas and soda. (over 16 oz of course) A fun day in northern PA. And, of course, all the clean water, beauty, tranquility, agriculture, etc. etc. Call 523-8981 and we will set up a date for the trip of a lifetime. I have offered this travel package through my many letters, but no one has taken me up on it. Bring your gas detectors. You anti's have stated that the gas drilling(hydrofracking) would devastate PA...What beautiful devastation! Finally, quote from the pages of New York magazine, April 14, 2013. The Governor asked "what if a child falls into a well casing? I don't want the liability, frankly, and I don't have the knowledge." The Governor of New York State is finally telling something truthful...he DOES NOT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE. James Lundgren

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Excellent Letter to The Leader by Jeff Heller-President of SCLOC

To the Editor: Is it at all possible to go back to just basic common sense on the issue of gas drilling and New York politics? To eliminate the fear and emotion and stick to the truth - the "known knowns." In New York, for example, there is only one possible way to get beyond the totally irrational and dysfunctional assembly and the almost as bad senate - with good leadership from our Governor. Oops, New York has a problem! One central "known" must be pounded into our brains before we go any further: EVERY other state sitting on a significant shale play is drilling - including such right wing states as Illinois and California. Why haven't any of those roughly thirty states reversed their policies if the drilling process is as damaging as the environmentalists say it is ? Because of another one of the "knowns" - the benefits outweigh the risks! Common sense - it is that simple. It's almost embarrassing that a list of supporters of natural gas drilling has to include so many right-wing radicals: Obama, Bill and Hillary, Lisa Jackson, Ken Salazar, Mayor Bloomberg,Ed Rendell, Jerry Brown, etc.! So we have another "known known" - our Governor stands virtually alone among political leaders in his opposition to gas drilling. But then he's not totally alone - he has Yoko Ono on his side! Anyone who has seen the artistic talent she radiates in one of her song and dance routines surely understands why our governor is more devoted to her than the working stiffs of our state. On April 14 New York Magazine reported that the Governor asked in an interview: "What if a child falls into a well casing." " I don't want the liability, frankly, and I don't have the knowledge." This may be one of greatest statements made by a governor in New York's history. To be as diplomatic as possible it should be fair to say that this is not a statement from the sharpest tack in the box. In an April 19 interview the Governor said: "Economic development no longer works on a big bang theory, we have to develop a thousand economic flowers." He suggested, in effect, that he would rely on the Yogurt industry to lift upstate New York out of poverty! Now there's an "unknown known" - there are more and better paying jobs in the Yogurt industry than in oil and natural gas! Sorry - there's that dull tack again! We need leadership on this issue in New York. We need a strong governor who will, in fact, base his thinking and decision making on science and reason, not on politics and emotion. We need a governor with common sense. This governor displays very little scientific awareness, a lack of common sense, and even less willingness to act in the real interests of his citizens. In fact, in the words of Teddy Roosevelt - a New York Governor who could make decisions - our governor "has the backbone of a chocolate eclair." If Hillary decides to run in the 2016 primary, our governor is toast. However, he could still be picked to give the keynote speech. This would give him an opportunity to point out the thousands of children that fell into gas well casings across the country, and compare all the benefits that have fallen on New York from the Yogurt industry to all the devastation and economic ruin experienced by all the states that are drilling. Now THAT would make a fascinating keynote speech! Jeff Heller