Saturday, January 12, 2013

Great Letter that Never was Responded To

Mr. Benson, Ms. Dupree, Mr. Ek: I would like to request a meeting sometime with the three of you - making up the leadership of The Leader. The reason I would like to have a meeting is to try to present to you, without the irrational interruptions of the environmental wing-nuts, the arguments in favor of gas drilling. In giving "credit" where credit is due, The Leader has done more harm to the interests of our landowners, and all the others who would benefit from gas drilling, than any other single element. The four year drumbeat of overwhelmingly negative headlines, in many cases misleading headlines, and your failure to print, to the best of my knowledge, even one "human interest" story out of Pennsylvania, even though some of those stories are literally in our "backyard", has had the desired effect. In simply recognizing reality I have to admit that your influence on this issue has been crushing. However, as a realist, and as a strong fan of a free press, I have to recognize your right to do whatever you want in your paper. Only time will tell if you can offend enough people to cause, or significantly contribute to, your demise. ( In line with this way of thinking, I like to think that it was the "Gray Lady's" ridiculous level of bias that has led to the WSJ becoming the number one paper in the Country.) I cannot honestly say that I would expect to have any lasting impact on your thinking. What I would be hoping for is simply an opportunity to present the "pro" point of view in a semi-civil environment. I would simply like you to present your "concerns," and give me an opportunity to present the "other side". One hour. That would be my request on your time. Three of you, three of us. Myself, one other SCLOC member , and my wife. My wife's function would be to look up my "sources" for any point of concern we would run into. This would be an exercise in "common sense" answers. I am not a geologist. I am a history major who has been researching this subject fairly extensively for over four years. Please let me know if there is any way we could ever get together in this context. There is so much at stake, in so many ways, for so many different "interests", that it is very difficult to accept the damage you have done to our "cause" without at least an attempt to "reason" with your organization. Jeff Heller President SCLOC

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