Friday, December 28, 2012

Governor Fallin of Oklahoma Needs to Talk to Governor Cuomo

OnCue sells 3 million gallons of CNG Press Release – Thursday, November 29, 2012 In the last three years OnCue celebrated the opening of 13 compressed natural gas (CNG) stations across Oklahoma, but today the Stillwater-based fueling retailer celebrated a milestone of a different kind. OnCue announced that it had sold 3 million gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE) of CNG – the most of any private fueling retailer in the state – and saved consumers more than $6 million in fueling costs compared to gasoline. For the natural gas market this milestone has national impact, representing a momentum shift from CNG as a fuel of the future, to a fuel of today. “I’ve been a believer in CNG for more than a decade, and reaching this milestone is representative of how fast the market is moving toward making this fuel mainstream,” said Jim Griffith, OnCue Chief Executive Officer. “As an Oklahoma-based company with an entrepreneurial history, we were in a strategic position to not only adopt this fuel, but quickly make CNG available to our customers across the state. CNG is an alternative fuel, but it’s an alternative that our customers increasingly prefer.” OnCue leadership celebrated the announcement with a special event at the company’s 23rd Street location in Oklahoma City. Customers, vendors and elected officials gathered to applaud OnCue’s CNG success. Governor Mary Fallin conducted a fill of the 3 millionth gallon into a state fleet vehicle. The fill of the state vehicle, coupled with the Oklahoma Capitol as a backdrop, further reinforced the governor’s commitment and leadership to increase demand for natural gas. Governor Fallin’s 22-state, bipartisan effort to increase natural gas vehicle use among state fleets helps ensure CNG customer growth for retailers like OnCue. “OnCue is just one more example of the Oklahoma innovation and leadership that is changing our country’s energy future,” said Governor Fallin. “Today’s 3 million gallon milestone is a reminder that demand for natural gas continues to grow and that the industry has a bright future ahead of it. That’s great news for American families, who are increasingly able to benefit from affordable, clean burning natural gas produced right here at home.” OnCue was among the first private Oklahoma fueling retailers to adopt CNG. Currently OnCue has the most CNG stations of any retailer in the state and expects to expand the company’s commitment to CNG in 2013. “For OnCue, selling CNG is more than market leadership, it’s a successful business strategy,” said Griffith. “With CNG we are able to offer our customers fuel at nearly half the price of gasoline and serve a more diverse customer base. We look forward to expanding our CNG offering to include more of our stores throughout Oklahoma.” In the past two years, the number of public CNG stations in Oklahoma has nearly tripled, making it now possible to drive across the entire state solely on CNG. Oklahoma serves as a model for how to develop alternative fueling infrastructure at the state level. For more information on CNG, visit​​ This article was first published by Press Release

Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter to Governor Cuomo from the President of SCLOC

Governor Cuomo: In the words of a recent book title - " What the (Bleep) just happened?" I've been telling my PAC members for months that you could be believed when you said "This issue will be decided based on science and reason not politics and emotion. That promise showed some realism, some common sense intelligence. It's taken longer than it should have for us to come to the realization that you have been gaming everyone who would gain from gas drilling in New York. Hydraulic fracturing is "safe" in every state sitting on top of a shale play - that is every state except New York! Assuming that all the scientists in all those states' departments of environmental protection are not corrupted, it becomes obvious that the issue is ruled by politics in New York - not science and reason as you promised. As Governor you have to be aware of all the benefits being experienced in all those other states. You have to be aware of the fact that none of those states have stopped drilling - in spite of all the imaginary "devastation" all the wing nuts keep screaming about. Is it remotely possible that you can't see what is happening in Pennsylvania and Ohio? Is it possible you are not aware of the environmental benefits - yes benefits- that are already resulting from increased use of natural gas? Is it possible you are not aware of the huge tax revenue benefits that our towns, counties, and school districts would receive under Title V of our tax code? All the economics, science, and history overwhelmingly supports gas drilling. It has become obvious to many of us here in the Southern Tier that our governor has cast our interests to the wind, and decided that the environmental lobby is more important.Hollywood activists are more important than the "working stiffs" who live, and struggle, here in the Southern Tier. In fact we have no choice but to feel that you totally double-crossed us. You have crushed our interests, and our futures, in spite of your promise that science and reason would rule this issue. Science and reason have no role to play in Albany. It's all, purely, politics as usual! Jeff Heller 9565 Munson Road Bradford, N.Y. 14815 607-583-7820 President Steuben County Landowners Coalition (Representing over 205,120 acres in Steuben alone - including approximately 1700 families families - at least 6000 votes