Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Important Message From SCLOC Executive committee

Will try to keep this short... I have sent emails asking you to contact Governor Cuomo and DEC. We have to continue to let our voice be heard. This morning I called Governor Cuomo, DEC, Tom Reed and Tom O'Mara...Reed's and O'Mara's office urged me to continue to call...they said it is so important for our voice to be heard... Normally, I am pretty calm, but was upset today by what appears to be another delay... and I told Cuomo's office and DEC that in a firm and forceful manner...didn't holler, didn't swear, just told them we (the farmers and landowners) are very upset by yet another delay...other points I touched on: enough is enough we are being lied to Gov. Cuomo doesn't care about the landowers Don't begrudge other people getting help, but he helps everyone and then ignores us we pay taxes & now are rights are taken away from us we care about our water other states are fracking and we should be Look at ND with a 1.3 billion dollar surplus, Hello, New York Told them this was America not Russia Told her how much I just paid in taxes & now don't have my rights etc. etc...you get the point...add your personal touch DEC said there is another delay...I told her to tell her superiors that was not acceptable...she said that's what we know...I said while make sure you tell them it is not acceptable... Anyone can call...just take this email and touch on a couple items...be forceful...let them know you are upset...a few weeks ago, I asked an older lady in Lindley to call...she never had done anything like that and wasn't sure what to say...told her there is nothing to be afraid of, just state your point...she started called and was calling every day...YOU CAN DO THIS AND YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS CAN DO IT! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CALL TODAY!! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT!! WE CANNOT SIT BACK AND BE IDLE CAUSE FIRST IT'S OUR LAND RIGHTS, THEN OUR GUNS, THEN.... IF YOU ARE HESTIATE, EMAIL ME, I WILL WALK YOU THROUGH IT...THREE YEARS AGO I COULD NOT DO THIS...NOW I DON'T HESITATE A MOMENT... DEC 518-402-8545 GOVERNOR CUOMO 518-474-8390 ALSO, COPY OFF A GOOD LETTER FOR GAS DRILLING OR CUT OUT A GOOD LETTER LIKE NEIL'S FROM THE PAPER...ADD A NOTE, SIGN IT AND SEND IT GOVERNOR CUOMO... THE HONORABLE ANDREW M. CUOMO GOVERNOR OF NY STATE NYSTATE CAPITOL BUILDING ALBANY, NY 12224 PLEASE, PLEASE JUST DO IT TODAY AND EVERY FEW DAYS UNTIL THIS IS PASSED IN NEW YORK!! Karen Ballard

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