Monday, October 1, 2012

Important Message About the Bus Trip to Albany- OCT. 15, from SCLOC

There is a serious movement in N.Y. State in the direction of taking control of mineral rights away from the land owners. They would place them in the hands of the state, or, more directly as far as gas rights are concerned, town boards. In many cases these losses of mineral rights go far beyond gas rights. With town limits on truck weights many have already removed your rights to sell your timber. Will these limits apply to milk trucks? Loaded hay wagons? Loads of cement, gravel, dirt? These people who are taking your gas rights now may say all this is foolish. Four years ago the idea that they would, or could, take our gas rights was foolish!! It doesn’t look so foolish now does it? You must also understand that the loss of gas rights is only the first step. The Land Owners Coalitions from across the state will be taking part in a rally in Albany on October 15. We will be able to provide comfortable bus transportation for anyone from our area who wants to go. We cannot stress enough how important this trip is to YOUR interests. Almost all the “noise” in Albany has been from the Antis. Now it’s our turn! We are hoping this will be the largest rally that Albany has EVER seen. Besides land owners anyone who has an interest in gas drilling is going to be there. This will include, but is not limited to: tax payer groups, job seekers, Farm Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, trade unions, economic development agencies, industry, businesses, - anyone with gas drilling interests!! We can all make up excuses not to take a day off for an event like this. But this letter is an appeal to everyone of you to understand that “ IT’S NOW OR NEVER”! Stand up for your rights now - or lose them!! It’s that simple. We have to take one day, one day in five years, to tell Albany and everyone else that we do value our land owners rights. Those of us in the Coalition who have been fighting these antis for almost five years now, have done all we can to protect your rights and your interests. Many of us have hundreds, and in a few cases thousands, of hours in this fight. Now it’s time for all our landowners to prove that they value their mineral rights. Join us on October 15! To sign up for the bus trip you can go to and sign up there. You can also call any of the people listed below to make your reservations. Jeff Heller SCLOC Jeff and Kathy Heller Bradford 607-583-7820 Karen and David Ballard Lindley 607-523-7246 Neil Vitale Woodhull 607-525-6482 Dana Knowles Campbell 607-527-3260 Peter Olausson Addison 607-359-3069 Linda Knowles Thurston 607-527-4554


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