Thursday, September 13, 2012

SenatorTom O'Mara: It's Time For DEC To Make Fracking Decision

O'Mara: It's Time For D.E.C. To Make Fracking Decision Reported by: Bobby Brooks Published: 9/12 Elmira, N.Y. - One New York Senator says its time for New York State to make a decision on fracking. Senator Tom O'mara says it would be huge for New York to see the kind of revenue Pennsylvania is from gas drilling. O'mara says politicians have been waiting for the D.E.C.’s report on the effects of fracking for four years now. He says it's time a decision is made so the appropriate steps can be taken to make sure fracking can be done safely to benefit New Yorkers. O’Mara said, “We've been fortunate in Elmira and Horseheads along the Pennsylvania border to be able to serve the industry. That's why we've seen several thousand jobs in the Horseheads area, particularly Schlumberger. I can only see more jobs coming as we move forward.” O'Mara says the only negative impacts he'd see from the gas industry coming are a possible housing shortage or damaged roads. But as a result that would spark new construction for homes and apartments and most municipalities will charge gas companies a fee to repair any damaged roads

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