Thursday, June 21, 2012


Monday, June 11, 2012 SCLOC Political Action Committee Minutes. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Jeff Heller at the Corning Natural Gas Blue Room, Corning, NY. Present: Jeff and Kathy Heller, Ken and LaVera Knowles, Dana Knowles, David and Karen Ballard, Leo and Linda Knowles, Neil Vitale, Ellen Zver, Ed Heagle, Bill Lock, Peter Olausson, John Starzec, and Tim Olszowy. Also, representing Schuyler County were Ken Blanchard and Barlow Rhodes. Neil collected money from those attending the JLC clambake happening this Friday, June 15th. Karen collected money from those participating in the “pool” on the expected date of Cuomo’s Let’s Get NY Drilling announcement. Update on Town Resolutions: Kenny, Jeff and Neil reviewed the names of towns that have signed the resolution in support of drilling, those expecting to sign and those unknown or negative. Kenny presented a color map of Steuben County showing each town: green – pro. Kenny said it is involving too much time to present to a town board in their normal allotted time of 3 – 15 minutes. Jeff wrote a brief narrative discussing why a board should sign the resolution. He will e-mail us a copy. Anyone can use this at board meetings. Jeff said 90% of the moratoriums are signed outside the Marcellus Shale region. Kenny talked of a new contact and help for us, James (Jamie) Johnson, Executive Director of the Steuben County IDA (Industrial Development Agency). Discussion on upcoming town meetings and who will attend: Cameron on 6/13 - Jeff and Gordon; Troupsburg on 6/13 - Lisa; Lindley on 6/13 - Ballards, John Bloise, Ed Heagle; Urbana 6/19 - Jeff; Tuscarora 6/19 - Neil and Kenny; Howard 6/21 - Neil. Kenny gave a general update. There is some change in structure forthcoming. Kenny is in contact with some companies. An Executive/BTO meeting is scheduled for further planning and discussion. The tide is turning. Jeff is working on a letter to the general SCLOC membership on what we are doing. Kenny said we need to think about and plan some summer meetings for the public. The movie “Truthland” would be excellent to show. Jamie Johnson, IDA, would also like to speak to the public at these meetings. Peter said if we show this movie, we need to do so ASAP, as it will soon be released, uploaded to UTube and quickly old news. Peter suggested we have an exclusive pre-screening of the movie to town board members. He said we could check with local theatres to see if we could do an exclusive showing. Neil gave an update on Joint Landowners Coalition. Neil had a television set up and gave us a showing of “Truthland”. Jeff said the resolutions are our center of attention now. The more towns that sign the more pressure will be on. The Steuben County map looks good as only the Town of Wayne has passed a moratorium. Jeff said Town of Fremont was most interesting when a local landowner stood up and asked for a show of hands on what residents would consider suing the board if they passed a moratorium and most raised their hand. Needless to say Fremont did not pass a moratorium. Fremont board members had also attended a gas well tour before their meeting as did the Town of Bath Supervisor. Jeff asked if anyone was interested in gas well tours. Jamie Johnson set up a Shell tour for some town board members. Jeff will make some connections on the gas well tour and another compressor tour. Next meeting will be Monday, July 9, 7:00 p.m. at the Corning Natural Gas Blue Flame Room. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m. with a motion from David and second from Ellen. Respectfully Submitted, Linda J. Knowles Secretary

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