Sunday, April 15, 2012

SCLOC Political Action Committee

SCLOC Political Action Committee Monday, April 9, 2012 - The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Jeff Heller at the Blue Flame Room, Corning. Present: Jeff & Kathy Heller, Ken & LaVera Knowles, Dana Knowles, John Bloise, David & Karen Ballard, Neil Vitale, Gordon Foster, Elaine Swiler, Ellen Zver, Ed Heagle, Bill Lock, Peter Olausson, Mary Hickey, Fran & Jim Rising, Tim Olszowy, John Starzec, Jack & Betty Bossard. Jeff noted that basically all we can do is wait for Governor Cuomo to commit on drilling. He also pointed out that the low price of natural gas is hurting our cause, but this doesn't close the door on drilling activity. He also stressed that on the other side, the Utica shale keeps looking better and better. On some "points of interest": - received a letter from the town of Erwin stating emphatically they will not be passing a moratorium - Scott Cline sent out a second (very good ) letter to the town of Pulteney against their pending moratorium -there will be a Town Board meeting in Cameron at the Town Hall at 11AM on Saturday, April 21 about a moratorium - Attorney Slottje will be there to give a pro-moratorium presentation. Anyone in the coalition who can attend should do so. Kenny Knowles announced that we had a lease offer that is now on hold 'because the investors did not think New York was ready'. There was an extensive discussion of the pending "deal" in Tioga County involving natural gas hydraulic fracturing with liquid propane. The discussion included "pros and cons". This is a developing situation and we may know more by the next meeting. Neil Vitale ( our representative with the JLC) reported on news from the Joint Land Owners Coalition: - A pending presentation for some of the PAC members on the ad valorem tax benefits. Those members might then be called on to make presentations to the public. - The third annual JLC clambake is set for June 15, 2012 from 5 to 9 PM outside of Binghamton. This is a clambake and a fund raiser. Advance sale tickets are $42.00 per person. MORE INFO TO FOLLOW. The next PAC meeting was set for Monday, May 14 at 7PM at the Blue Flame Room, Corning. Respectfully Submitted, Jeff Heller

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