Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some Thoughts for Members to Consider

Some Thoughts on Moving Forward in 2012 in the Marcellus Gas Play Is it going to be a reality or are we going to put it off for another year, hoping the NYS budget shortfall and unemployment will magically disappear? The answer rests on Governor Cuomo’s shoulders. Will he continue to slow down the approval process to the delight of environmentalists who are supported by foreign oil interests, and finance green energy projects with tax revenue we no longer have? These projects are no longer economically competitive with natural gas prices that are as low as they are now and will be for years to come due to the gas play occurring in Pennsylvania. New York is at a historical cross roads. Will it join the other 24 states that are horizontally drilling and hydraulically fracturing in gas and oil plays in the United States and around the world? Will the Governor stop New York’s participation in this energy independent and economic recovery movement ? The roadblocks that have occurred in the New York State Marcellus Play can be attributed to DEC ineffectiveness. DEC has too many irons in the fire. The oil and gas industry in New York should be regulated by its own state agency. This department might be called the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy of New York State. Many other sectors of New York State’s economy have their own agency. Agriculture has Ag & Market. Motor vehicles are regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Airlines, railroad, and utilities all have their own separate regulatory agencies. Teachers have the Department of Education and small businesses have the Chamber of Commerce. It’s time for New York State to form a separate agency to regulate and promote gas and oil industry and New York State energy independence. The new department head of the New York Mineral Resources and Energy Department will be headed by an individual who has worked in the gas and oil industry and has taught production drilling and regulations at the university level. A prime candidate who meets this criteria right now is Dr. Scott Cline. A second issue will need to be addressed. All agencies in New York State will have input, but final decisions on what will be in the regulations in harvesting of natural gas or oil in the state of New York will be done by this new department. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing will no longer be called fracking. The new word for this process will be called, USA S.E.E.T. for energy independence. S.E.E.T. - Shale Energy Extraction Technology. Another term could be, S.A.F.E.- Shale Assisted Fissure Expansion-SAFE. Marcellus and Utica Shale formations will be harvested by the S.A.F.E. drilling processes in New York! Neil Vitale

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