Saturday, February 11, 2012

SCLOC-PAC Meeting-Summary-2/6/2012

- Meeting called to order at 7:00PM at the Blue Flame Room, at Corning Natural Gas in Corning - The chairman addressed the effects of all the negative news. Special attention on the low price of gas - a recent Goldman/Sachs report projected a very quick recovery from the current low price. - A “fact sheet" was presented by the chairman. The object is to counterbalance all the bad reporting in local news outlets. We may print this out on a pocket size flyer to be distributed in Steuben County. - The chairman sent a letter to the new Publisher of The Leader expressing our concerns on their uneven coverage of the gas-drilling issue with an offer to sit down with him to discuss our point of view. We received a pleasant response - but no invitation! - Kenny Knowles gave a report on the status of the Dominion storage field situation in Woodhull. Right now that seems to be going well for the land owners - but it isn't over yet! - There was a discussion on lease issues generated by Tim Olszowy's concerns in this area. Some very good points were brought up by Tim. This was a fairly extensive discussion and we will report further as we have more information on all these concerns. - Neil Vitale attended, and discussed with the Coalition, the Frac Focus workshop in Williamsport. - Neil also brought up the concept of gas generators at windmill sites. He also discussed the Pa. land owners disappointments at not being able to access gas from their own wells or wells in their immediate area. - Neil also talked about removing the other F word (Fracking) from our vocabulary. He suggested either SAFE, for Shale Assisted Fissure Expansion, or the more popular among the PAC members, SEET, for Shale Energy Extraction Technology. - The organization called Clean Growth Now was discussed. A good organization of businesses, unions, etc. that is pro drilling and not just land owners - although SCLOC is a member. Look these over at - Neil brought up the latest anti-bills in the Assembly, including the push on home rule extensions. The chairman pointed out that the Assembly is hopelessly controlled by urban liberal democrats who never vote in our interests. The chairman is trying to get members to not get upset by Assembly Bills - we can do absolutely nothing about them, and they are not going to change. Our only hope is that the Senate will protect our interests or that the Governor will see the "big picture" and recognize that the interests of the state in general are in our favor, in favor of developing our natural gas riches. - Neil pointed out ANGA will be bringing a Pro movie to Corning in March - details to follow. - Leo Knowles pointed out that some drillers in Pa. are starting to drill holes alongside wells to insert monitors to detect any ground movement, water changes, and other elements that might be affected by drilling. - Elaine Swiler gave a report on the Steuben County Natural Gas Task Force on Roads and Infrastructure Committee meeting attended by Elaine and Mary Hickey. - The chairman announced he is starting to attend County Legislative meeting. It was pointed out that the Anti's are often present without any representation from our side. The chairman has attended four of these meetings in the last month. - There was some more discussion on lease releases. We're working on this issue - especially with Talisman. - Kenny Knowles wrapped up with an upbeat report on our current conditions and our hopes for getting a lease offer. - The next meeting was set for March 12, 2012 at 7PM at the Blue Flame Room at Corning Natural Gas in Corning. - We would like to extend an invitation for members of the Coalition to attend our meetings. However, since we meet in a relatively small room, please call one of us for a specific "invitation" to attend. Jeff Heller - 583-7820 Ken Knowles - 458-5302 Neil Vitale - 525-6482 Karen Ballard - 523-7246

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