Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thanks Jim for your excellent comments

I will start out with the letter by William Scott on October 26, 2011. Mr. Scott is the latest in a substantial number of people who seem to believe that northern Pennsylvania is a gas induced wasteland. This idea is absolutely ridiculous. Mr. Scott suggests that Senator Thomas Libous should visit northern Pennsylvania to observe what hydrofracking has done to that area. Done what? I live one mile from the New York/Pennsylvania border line in Lindley, New York. We spend more time and money in Pennsylvania then we do in New York. We travel northern Pennsylvania extensively. Scranton-Wilkes-Barre to Galeton, Williamsport to Lindley, Wellsboro to Gillett. I will say again, Mr. Scott, done what? My wife and I recently traveled to Williamsport and back The only gas related digging we saw was in south Mansfield where a gas line was being put in. By next summer it will look like a golf course. Green grass galore! In my travels yesterday I happened upon a gas well drilling in progress. I stopped to watch the operation. I beeped my horn and when the fella looked I gave the thumbs up. I left him smiling. The area was neat and covered a small area. Another thing that I cannot figure out is why don't I hear folks moaning and groaning about the road projects in this area? Some folks whine about a two acre pad sight for gas drilling but say nothing of 50 miles of road work. Why? Because the work makes our road systems safer and more fuel efficient among other good reasons. Mountains and hills are bulldozed to get at coal, the coal is them mined, hauled away and sent out by truck and/or train. This requires a large amount of energy and a degree of safety concerns. A gas drilling rig moves in on a prepared well pad, drills, fracks(water hauling is required, much water). When the well is done the flowback is used again(recycled) The gas well is attached to a pipeline and the gas begins to flow through miles of pipeline to homes, businesses and institutions all over this land. You see little or nothing of the gas transportation system. Compare this to ugly windmills on the Armenia Mountains and in other areas. Electric lines all over this land. Telephone and television cables are on every road and street. Why aren't you complaining about this? Because your utility bill would be higher than Gilroy's kite on a windy April day, that's why. The cost would be out of sight. 780 gas wells have been drilled in Bradford County Pennsylvania as of August 2011. What a devastated area that must be. Where is it? I'll tell you what, Mr. Scott, you bring yourself down to my home and we will go on a sightseeing trip to northern Pennsylvania. You can show me the toxic industrial wasteland. Maybe you can get Senator Libous to go with us. I await your phone call for a trip to Pennsylvania with your eyes open! Don't be afraid of the truth Mr. Scott. Fear lies. People who use lies and half truths to strike false fear in folks' hearts and minds to further a false agenda are those you need to be afraid of...there are plenty of them. Sincerely, James H. Lundgren Lindley, NY

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