Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From Dana and Marj-Great Insight-Thanks

My wife and I took a ride along Seneca Lake to Himrod, then we went over the hill to Penn Yan. On the way back home we got to talking about the antis and their complaints. Every time there is a meeting where their "hear say" can be promoted, they are there. I know last week a fellow from "Preserve the Finger Lakes" came all the way down to Cameron to tell us "country hicks" how we should be protecting our water. First of all, do they think that we want polluted water? Marj and I did an "SGEIS" study of our own on the Finger Lakes as we drove by. We came up with many bad things that are going in to each lake. Here are a few that we thought of: chemicals from every winery, anything put on the roads in the winter, every boat leaves an oil slick, swimmers pee in the water, sewage from the cottages(even if they have a septic tank, where does it go when they have it pumped?), where does the fish get rid of their waste? , where do the fish go when they die?, when a hunter shoots a duck, who has to pick up the feathers? I am sure that you can think of many more contaminants that go into "their pristine waters". I am sure that the Catskill Riverkeeper and the other environmental groups don't have their own territories figured out yet, so why do they think they can come into our territory and tell us what we should be doing? We are asking for a proven process of putting water with a half percent of normal chemicals thousands of feet under our water aquifers. They haven't cured how to protect their own water, but yet feel compelled to come tell us "country hicks" how we should protect our own water( which we all have been doing forever). One other thing that upset us, we couldn't see the ducks on the lake because there were too many cottages. So, Marj and I came to the conclusion that there should be no one living above the water line of these lakes. Absolutely no boats on these lakes, all wineries will have to move, no one can travel the roads.... We were going to do a study on how much pee goes into each lake over a course of a year, but we gave up when we figured out how much pee and bs is up in that area. Our study took us about 45 minutes. How long do you think the State study will take? If you can't tell, it is starting out to be a boring winter. Marj and I wish you all Merry Christmas and I hope a very Happy New Year. Dana and Marj

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