Saturday, November 19, 2011

The next time you meet someone sitting on the fence

Often, people say that they are for gas drilling if it doesn’t pollute their water. The “if” in that statement has been removed by the 2011 dSGEIS. No ones water will be at risk when gas drillers follow the rules and procedures in the 1500 pages of the 2011 dSGEIS. The DEC will not issue any permits to drill unless the company involved with harvesting this New York gas, complies with the 2011 dSGEIS. If gas drillers do not follow these rules and procedures they will be heavily fined and no more permits will be issued to them. This is the same principle that everyone in New York that has a drivers license most follow. If DMV rules and regulations are not followed, the driver involved will be fined or lose his license.

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