Monday, November 28, 2011

Comment on DEC Hearing

Most of the reasons stated at the DEC hearings against drilling for natural gas in New York were not factual in nature and wouldn’t be worth mentioning. One issue that was brought up by the anti movement which has a basis of truth is, the housing shortage that is happening in PA is due to the gas drilling industry. The problem is the influx of people from all over the country coming to PA for employment opportunities, which are very sparse in most of the country, has increased the demand for housing. The increased housing prices and rental rates, has caused a strain on people who are on a fixed income, whether it be social security or public assistance. This is not a permanent problem. With the increased tax revenue that PA is receiving from the gas industry, more low income housing can be built. Many of the employees of the gas industry will build new houses in the area. This is capitalism at work and has served our country well for the last 200 plus years, our economic system is and always will be the inspiration for the rest of the world! The American economic system has enabled more people to move from poverty to prosperity in the history of mankind! -Neil

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The next time you meet someone sitting on the fence

Often, people say that they are for gas drilling if it doesn’t pollute their water. The “if” in that statement has been removed by the 2011 dSGEIS. No ones water will be at risk when gas drillers follow the rules and procedures in the 1500 pages of the 2011 dSGEIS. The DEC will not issue any permits to drill unless the company involved with harvesting this New York gas, complies with the 2011 dSGEIS. If gas drillers do not follow these rules and procedures they will be heavily fined and no more permits will be issued to them. This is the same principle that everyone in New York that has a drivers license most follow. If DMV rules and regulations are not followed, the driver involved will be fined or lose his license.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It Is Time To Let Albany Know What You Want!

This is the last chance for Southern Tier and New York State residents to achieve permanent property tax relief and economic recovery. The DEC hearing in Dansville on November 16th is the first of four DEC hearings that will be held in November. The dates for the other hearings are on the Joint Landowner’s Coalition website. This will be the last chance for residents of the Southern Tier to express their opinion regarding whether or not the natural gas industry will be allowed in New York State to pull us out of our despicable economic situation. This is the only industry that wants to conduct business in our state. Pennsylvania has changed the energy picture for the country for the next 100 years. Green energy will never be able to compete with $3.00 per thousand cubic feet natural gas. Even if it could, New York would be the last state that any green energy industry would enter. Our environmental regulations are far too strict for this to occur. Already, green energy companies in America cannot compete with those in foreign countries such as China. An excellent example is Solyndra, who received over a half billion dollars in taxpayer subsidies, and still ended up in bankruptcy. Will we continue to listen to the so-called intellectuals on the hill in Ithaca, or at least give the natural gas industry a chance to prove that what occurred in Pennsylvania regarding its economic recovery due to the natural gas industry, is also possible in New York. We need everybody’s support at these hearings to preserve the future of the state. There has been a handful of very dedicated and hard working members in a handful of coalitions who have kept this dream of economic recovery alive. It is time for everyone else to stand up and be counted to allow the natural gas industry to enter the state! -Neil