Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Time To Sand Up For Your Minerial Rights

It's time for all Steuben County residents who own land in New York to attend one or all of the DEC hearings that are listed on the SCLOC home page! We have struggled for over 3 years and faced many obstacles and it is time for the State of New York to allow landowners in New York their state constitutional rights and enjoy the financial rewards of their mineral rights, stated in New York Environmental Conservation Law. Make your position clear at these hearings, that this abuse of our property rights has come to an end, this year. In 2012, horizontal drilling and hydrofracking will finally begin. When this happens all residents of New York State will benefit from job creation, lower energy costs, better schools, infrastructure repair, lower property taxes and overall better quality life for everyone in the State. See you at the DEC hearings. Thank you. Neil.

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