Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jeff 's Letter to the Editor-Sept. 15 Leader.

To the Editor: The recent letter titled "How many local jobs ?" deserves a response. On that specific question the answer is well documented - at least in Pa. The industry says it has hired 74% local workers, but the Federal Department of Labor says it has "only" hired 71%. The 25,000 jobs created by drilling, based on what has happened in Pa. seems extremely low - unless that is DEC's estimate for just the first year. The implication that drilling will wipe out the 600,000 "visitor sustained" jobs is ridiculous under any objective criteria. The visitors will keep coming because the water will be fine ( there has never been a verified case of hydrofracing causing any water problems), the land will not be cleared for drill sites ( a two to three acre pad can now cover 640 to 1280 acres), and the air is not full of nitrogen oxide anywhere ( including Wyoming) as a result of drilling for gas. There will be an increase in truck traffic on some roads ( which can be controlled), and while this is the only valid concern in the letter, it has not been enough of a problem in any of the fourteen states that are already using horizontal hydrofracing to stop that process. The realistic conclusion on this issue is simply that the benefits outweigh the risks. Fourteen states have realized this - one has not! Jeff Heller Bradford

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