Sunday, August 14, 2011

Message from SCLOC member Lisa Robinson

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The Woodhull Natural Gas Storage Committee held a meeting for landowners affected by the storage field in Woodhull, Rathbone, Tuscarora and Troupsburg on August 10, 2011. Talking points from the meeting presented by Aaron Mullen of The Snavely Law Firm included:

What happens next if Dominion is granted Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity?

How proceedings affect the landowners.

Potential extent of the taking of mineral rights.

Extent of Taking if mineral rights are not leased and property is in the Expansion Area.

Extent of Taking if mineral rights are leased and the property is inside the current storage area.

Why you should seek legal representation.

Benefits of Solidarity.

Reasons to move quickly.

Discussion of Legal Representation.

If any landowners missed the meeting or any landowners have further questions, you can contact any of the following Committee Members, John Crane at (607) 359-2190, Lisa Robinson at (607) 525-6329 or Terry Towner at (607) 359-2314. Aaron Mullen of The Snavely Law Firm may be contacted at (607) 937-5205.

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