Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

There is lots of news to report, Lorin Cooper , who has been Chairman of the SCLOC Political Action Committee, has announced that he has become a member of a new Limited Liability Company that is based in Livingston County, seeking to represent landowners for various purposes related to gas leasing and drilling. His new business activities will mean that Lorin will no longer be in a leadership role in SCLOC. Lorin will be greatly missed by all of us at SCLOC. We appreciate his long and active service. We wish Lorin the best in his future endeavors. The other news is, the executive committee of the SCLOC has asked Jeff Heller to replace him. All the members of the coalition congratulate Jeff and wish him the best of luck. There will be more appointments announced at the next SCLOC meeting.

Until next week, Neil

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