Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Great Letter To The Editor, Thanks Jeff

To the editor:

The last few days have seen a flurry of letters and editorial comments that are "anti" gas drilling. Those of us who are "pro" drilling have been fighting these same half-truths statements for three years now, while watching fourteen other states using horizontal hydrofracing and enjoying all the economic and financial benefits. Beyond all the obvious local and state benefits we need to bear in mind that gas drilling will lead to improvements to the environment; that it will decrease our dependence on imported oil; it could improve our trade balance by selling LNG to China(with money flowing into the US for a change) and it would decrease our funding of terrorists intent on our death and destruction.

We are hard pressed to "reason out" why the "antis" continue to make these half-truth statements in spite of all the historical and scientific evidence. Their designs might best be compared to the design of the bikini: revealing point of interest, while covering up all the vitals.

Space here will not allow total coverage(oops!). But let's look at a few of their more interesting points. The most prevalent one runs in effect: "it could ruin our water". Now that is a generalization that will get your interest. But that conceals some vitals. Over 40,000 wells have already been horizontally hydrofraced, a total of over a million have been hydrofraced in one form or another. How many of these wells have led to any verified water contamination according to the EPA or any state DEP? As a matter of fact, not one! That's right, not one. Now that really is a vital point.

The "point of interest" that seems to be the current favorite is a real beauty: 'there's radiation down there and they're bringing it up to the surface, trucking it into our back yards, and depositing it in our children's play boxes! Now, the fact that there is radiation in the drillings is a point of interest. The fact that the concentration level is TOTALLY insignificant is vital. Remember: sacarin can cause cancer--you only have to drink 700 cans of diet soda a day to get it!

So, if the whole truth is not in them, and in the Dale Carnegie tradition we have to recognize that the antis are sincere, what is their objective? It would seem fairly obvious that they simply don't want any drilling. They really want to be just like California-a train wreck! Since NY is second only to California in its financial status, can we assume that our environmentalist don't like being second?

Jeff Heller

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