Friday, May 13, 2011

May 15 ,2011

The Joint Landowner Coalition of New York is holding a pro-drilling rally June 6 or 7 in Albany. They are providing 2 buses,110 seats to leave from Corning. The SCLOC is encouraging anyone who wants gas drilling to begin again in New York to contact any SCLOC members listed on the home page to save you a seat.

The JLCNY hosted a educational meeting on Natural Gas Development in Owego NY May12. Kenny Knowles, John Bloise, Jeff and Kathy Heller, Ed Blume, and I attended this very educational and organized meeting .The SCLOC thanks the JLCNY for their invitation and hospitality.

John Holko who owns a gas drilling company stated at the meeting that one well pad with six gas wells will generate over a million dollars worth of tax revenue for the town they are located in .If the town owns the land they can more than double that with royalty payments The wacko antis still claiming only the land owner will benefit from drilling.

Hope everyone has a good week. Neil

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  1. Just yesterday I had a conversation with a resident of Tenn. who mentioned to me that gas land had real important information and considered it representing true facts. When I explained to him the half truths and political environmental agenda it was supporting he gained a valuable and insightful different point of view he was more aligned to. Educate yourself and asked our politicians what is their plan to make us more energy independ now and for the future. Good work Neil